This next book is weighing on me. If I could only sit down to write it, it could weigh on all of you as well. Drama, drama, drama. Like Scar said, "Be prepared!" ... See MoreSee Less

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I made a share-worthy connection last night. I was wondering why men are always hot and women are always cold. Then I realized that if women are from Venus, we are used to a much warmer planet (2nd planet from the sun for those of you who may have forgotten elementary school science). Men are from mars. That is the fourth planet from the sun, so it is obviously cooler than Venus. After all our time in earth, our bodies don't adjust until menopause I guess. Thanks Dr. Gray. I haven't actually read your book but you have helped me understand why I have to constantly be under a blanket (or five) and my man must have the fan. I will be reading your book for research. It seems only fair after all this enlightenment. ... See MoreSee Less

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