Finding Series

The finding series follows Maggie and Parker as they embark on paths of self-discovery.

Finding Me, Finding You

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Release Date September 22, 2013

Available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords

Finding Me, Finding You (Finding Series)

Parker wasn’t always a bad boy. It wasn’t until his life seemed to lose meaning that things started spiraling out of control.  Nothing mattered though, not without her around. That was until he met Maggie, the introverted beauty that had taken one too many verbal beatings.

Maggie wasn’t exactly shy, but she definitely wasn’t confident either. Until now she had been happy existing in her small world, but she was ready for a change. She vowed to make friends in college. Simple, right? Not quite. Maggie discovers she was in store for more than just friendship. Instead she finds a painful crush on an emotionally unavailable guy.

As Maggie and Parker each head down the path of self-discovery, they learn it isn’t always easy to keep the ones you love when you are becoming the person you want to be.



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